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1st pg B.gif (46801 bytes) SAFEST way to go! See ISA InTech Magazine.

Read on-line ISA website article about Vektron modules in ISA InTech Magazine (Nov. '99) , or click on the photo to the left, or download the *.pdf file by right-clicking photo " Save Target As . . . ".

Be on the leading edge with the Vektron All- Digital PV Alarm Trip Switch . Designed to meet ISA S84 and IEC 61508 standards.

All-digital technology in safety applications is key to maintaining a world class safety record. With many industrial field protocols is use today, digital PV alarm trip switches are fast becoming the preferred choice.

Interfacing Triconex or FSC analog input safety systems with Honeywell’s Digitally Enhanced (DE) transmitters using the Vektron MVA Multivarible Analog Signal Splitter.

Press Release: DuPont Approves Digital Trip Switch for Safety

As of January 1, 1999, E.I. DuPont de Nemours and Company formally approved Honeywell's Digitally Enhanced (DE) communication protocol for its safety systems and more specifically the Multivariable Trip Switch (MTS) manufactured by Vektron Corporation. The benefits gained through digital communications have been long recognized by safety engineers of plants with superior safety records such as DuPont's. Safety requirements contained in the ISA S84 and IEC 16508 safety standards "Safety Life Cycle" as the best way to improve the overall plant's safety can often only be solved through digital communications. Honeywell is also working with other industrial manufacturing companies such as Amoco , Exxon and Eastman Chemical to economically improve safety through digital communications.

Read why analog should be avoided in " Overcoming Limitations of Analog Output Transmitters In Safety Systems " , InTech Magazine, November 1999.

ARC Research has forecasted the "Safety Market to Grow 50% by 2003"!   Read the ARC Research for yourself . . .

"Safety System Market Outlook"

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