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Multi-Variable Analog Interface
for Smart Transmitters


The MVA, Multi-Variable Analog interface for smart transmitters converts a single transmitter's digital PV or SV signals into four (4) 1-5 volt analog signals. Each module's output is factory characterized to an accuracy of 0.045%. In addition to analog outputs, a "smart status" relay output is provided that is derived directly from the transmitter's digital status.

The MVA provides a cost effective way to interface into analog instrumentation while utilizing all the advantages of Honeywell's DE digital communications.

The MVA is fully compatible with all single and multi-variable DE transmitters. It can be used in conjunction with any of the DE control system interfaces. In addition, handheld communicators may be used with NO disturbances to the analog outputs or status.

The MVA 's compact module design is suitable for DIN rail mounting and can be conveniently mounted in close proximity to the analog instrumentation. The MVA operates from a single +24VDC source and is internally short-circuit protected. All connectors are screw compression type and removable.


bullet Allows mixing of digital and analog instrumentation.
bullet Expands functionality while maintaining full digital integration.
bullet Access to all variables .
bullet Wiring savings associated with multivariable transmitters.
bullet Increase overall analog accuracy 80%.
bullet Enables use of Honeywell multivariable transmitters with any analog system.
bullet Independent transmitter status differentiates a MAINTENANCE problem from a PROCESS problem.
bullet Economically extracts PVs and SVs.
bullet Enables full digital, non-bumping communications for any application.
bullet Enables Secure stand-alone digital operation.


bullet The MVA is a cost effective means of integrating digital transmitters with safety systems.
bullet The MVA 's "smart status" output enhances the speed at which safety shutdown systems are able to respond by tracking the transmitter's PV/SV status, device STATUS, DE signal integrity and positive contact output.
bullet Fully supports forced I/O manual mode for validation testing of safety shutdown system.


bullet 4 analog outputs (PVs or SVs).
bullet Independent transmitter status relay output.
bullet Use with single or multivariable transmitters.
bullet "Smart status" LED indicator.
bullet Configurable burnout and forced I/O manual mode action.
bullet Compatible with 4 or 6 byte DE protocol modes.
bullet Modular DIN rail mount.
bullet Test mode.
bullet CE Mark and CSA


The MVA module is fully compatible with all Honeywell DE products, all 3rd party DE products, commercially available "smart" safety barriers and carries the CE mark.


MODELS:   MVA-141 (four analog outputs)

OPTIONS:  (contact our sales department)


# Input Channels: 1
Input Type: Honeywell DE, 4 or 6 byte, multivariable broadcast formats A thru F [ listen only]
Input (Loop) Loading: 10 Kohms, min.
Analog Outputs: 4 @ 1-5 volts, nom. (10% over/under-range, min.
Analog Output Accuracy: 0.045% F.S., into 10 Kohms load, min.
Analog Output Throughput Delay: 50 msec., max. to 99% of new PV/SV value
PV/SV Selection: PV1, PV2, PV3, PV4 or SV1 (switch configurable)
Status Relay: 1 Form A and 1 Form B, 5A @ 30VDC, 250VAC, 0.1HP
"Smart Status": Transmitter status, forced I/O manual mode, DE signal integrity, MVA test mode and MVA fault.
LED Indicators (4): POWER, RELAY, DE, STATUS
Fault State: All analog outputs = burnout High/Low/LKG and STATUS relay is de-energized, tripped .
Test/Validation Mode: Trips relay (de-energized), LEDs indicate BAD status, all analog outputs forced to 3.00 volts
Field Communicator Interaction: No change to PV/SV value or Status state.
Power Supply: +18VDC to +30VDC, +24VDC nom. @ 80mA. typ (excludes transmitter)
Connectors: Screw type, compression, removable, keyed
Module Size: 4.51"(H) x 0.89"(W) x 3.9"(D)
Operating Temperature: 0C to +60C, ambient
Enclosure/Mounting: IP 20 / 35 mm DIN Rail (EN 50022) mounted equipment
Regulatory Approvals: CE Mark (Europe), CSA Certification (Canada), UL (USA)

Manufactured in the USA from US and imported parts.

Description  |   Benefits  |   Features  |   Compatibility  |   Ordering  |   Specs

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