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MVA Models and Options

Model MVA
- Multi-Variable Analog Interface
DE to Analog Interface for Smart Transmitters

Models:  MVA-141

Four analog outputs of DE variables: PV1, PV2, PV3, PV4, or SV1.

Approvals: CE Mark, CSA, and UL are available.


Order Option

Option Description

- C

Certificate of Calibration

- E

European CE Mark Compliant

- P

Pre-Configured Switches (-141 model only) ²

- R

Re-Characterization (service only)

- S

Special PV/SV, etc. (-111 model only) ²

- T

ID Tag ²

¹ Discounted rate does NOT apply.

² 10 unit minimum order.

Description of Options


‘E’ - European CE option is supplied by Honeywell, Amiens, France and contains additional EMI suppression filters required to meet CE compliance.

‘P’ - PRE-CONFIGURATION option has the factory (Vektron) set the internal switches per customer order. There is a 10 unit minimum order.

‘R’ - MVA characterization (calibration ) is guaranteed by Vektron for 1 year. After that Vektron charges a service fee for RE-CHARACTERIZATION (re-calibration). The end user may also deal directly with Vektron for this service.

‘S’ - Special order. Allows user to order a custom pre-configuration from factory for parameters such as PV/SV SELECTION, ANALOG OUTPUT FAULT VALUE, OUTPUT MODE ACTION. There is a 10 unit minimum order.

‘T’ - Each unit is ID TAGGED on the top label per customer’s request. Lettering may be small due to space limitation. There is a 10 unit minimum order.

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