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The following products are available by special order from Vektron Corporation. Minimum quantities are typically 50-100 units. Contact our sales department for pricing and availability. We will be happy to discuss any special requirements and provide a custom solution if appropriate.

MSI - Multivariable Serial Interface

MSI - Datasheet           MSI- Presentation

The MSI Multivariable Serial Interface module enables PCs, PLCs, or RTUs to utilize all-digital communications. The MSI converts the Honeywell Digitally Enhanced (DE) protocol signal to an RS-485 signal with the Modbus RTU Slave protocol.

CIM - Combo Interface Module

CIM - Datasheet       CIM Presentation

The Combo Interface Module enables a TPS xPM STI-MV IOP module to accept any mix of analog 4-20ma or bi-directional DE inputs from field instruments on a per channel basis and is HART compatible.

MVC - Multi-Variable Calibrator

wpe2.jpg (10970 bytes) MVC - Datasheet


The MVC utilizes Honeywell’s Smart Transmitter Digitally Enhanced (DE) communications protocol and the benefits of all-digital bumpless communication for general use with any manufacturer’s analog transmitter calibrator.

DPP - Digital Protocol Processor

DPP - Datasheet

  The DPP DE Protocol Processor is a single chip I.C. that simplifies embedded designs requiring a Honeywell DE Protocol input from Smartline ™ field instruments. The DPP extracts all PVs, SVs and STATUS values broadcast by the field instrument and presents reformatted data to a host processor. The DPP is optimized for use within RTUs, PLCs, controllers, and recorders.

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